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M.-V. Ciocilteu, A. G. Mocanu, A. Mocanu, C. Ducu, O. E. Nicolaescu, V. C. Manda, A. Turcu-Stiolica, C. Nicolicescu, R. Melinte, M. Balasoiu, O. Croitoru and J. Neamtu

Hydroxyapatite-ciprofloxacin delivery system: Synthesis, characterisation and antibacterial activity


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F. Gu, J. Ning, H. Fan, C. Wu and Y. Wang

Preparation, characterization of simvastatin/DMβCD complex and its pharmacokinetics in rats


Full paper in pdf

P. Mabeta, K. Pavić and B. Zorc

Insights into the mechanism of antiproliferative effects of primaquine-cinnamic acid conjugates on MCF-7 cells


Full paper in pdf

L. A. Vega Rasgado, G. Ceballos Reyes and F. Vega Díaz

Role of nitric oxide synthase on brain GABA transaminase activity and GABA levels


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J. Yang, Y. Ren, Z.-G. Lou, X. Wan, G.-B. Weng and C. Dong

Paeoniflorin inhibits the growth of bladder carcinoma via deactivation of STAT3